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Base Dto for MapiMessage, MapiCalendar or MapiContact


Name Type Description Notes
Attachments List<MapiAttachmentDto> Message item attachments. [optional]
Billing string Billing information associated with an item. [optional]
Body string Message text. [optional]
BodyHtml string Gets the BodyRtf of the message converted to HTML, if present, otherwise an empty string. [optional]
BodyRtf string RTF formatted message text. [optional]
BodyType string The content type of message body. Enum, available values: PlainText, Html, Rtf
Categories List<string> Contains keywords or categories for the message object. [optional]
Companies List<string> Contains the names of the companies that are associated with an item. [optional]
ItemId string The item id, uses with a server. [optional]
MessageClass string Case-sensitive string that identifies the sender-defined message class, such as IPM.Note. The message class specifies the type, purpose, or content of the message. [optional]
Mileage string Contains the mileage information that is associated with an item. [optional]
Recipients List<MapiRecipientDto> Recipients of the message. [optional]
Sensitivity string Contains values that indicate the message sensitivity. Enum, available values: None, Personal, Private, CompanyConfidential
Subject string Subject of the message. [optional]
SubjectPrefix string Subject prefix that typically indicates some action on a message, such as &quot;FW: &quot; for forwarding. [optional]
Properties List<MapiPropertyDto> List of MAPI properties [optional]
Discriminator string