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Email message representation.


Name Type Description Notes
AlternateViews List<AlternateView> Collection of alternate views of message. [optional]
Attachments List<Attachment> Email message attachments. [optional]
Bcc List<MailAddress> BCC recipients. [optional]
Body string Email message body as plain text. [optional]
BodyEncoding string Body encoding. [optional]
BodyType string The content type of message body. Enum, available values: PlainText, Html, Rtf
Cc List<MailAddress> CC recipients. [optional]
Date DateTime? Message date.
DeliveryNotificationOptions List<string> Delivery notifications. Items: Email delivery notification options. Enum, available values: Delay, Never, None, OnFailure, OnSuccess [optional]
From MailAddress From address. [optional]
Headers Dictionary<string, string> Document headers. [optional]
HtmlBody string HTML body. [optional]
HtmlBodyText string Html body as plain text. Read only. [optional]
IsBodyHtml bool? Indicates whether the message body is in Html.
IsDraft bool? Indicates whether or not a message has been sent.
IsEncrypted bool? Indicates whether the message is encrypted. Read only.
IsSigned bool? Indicates whether the message is signed. Read only.
LinkedResources List<LinkedResource> Linked resources of message. [optional]
MessageId string Message id. [optional]
OriginalIsTnef bool? Indicates whether original EML message is in TNEF format. Read only.
PreferredTextEncoding string Preferred encoding. [optional]
Priority string Email priority status. Enum, available values: High, Low, Normal
ReadReceiptTo List<MailAddress> Read receipt addresses. [optional]
ReplyToList List<MailAddress> The list of addresses to reply to for the mail message. [optional]
ReversePath MailAddress ReversePath address. [optional]
Sender MailAddress Sender address. [optional]
Sensitivity string Specifies the sensitivity of a MailMessage. Enum, available values: None, Normal, Personal, Private, CompanyConfidential
Subject string Message subject. [optional]
SubjectEncoding string Subject encoding. [optional]
TimeZoneOffset long? Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) offset for the message dates. This property defines the time zone difference, between the local time and UTC represented as count of ticks (10 000 per millisecond). [optional]
To List<MailAddress> The address collection that contains the recipients of message. [optional]
XMailer string The X-Mailer the software that created the e-mail message. [optional]
Epilogue string Gets or sets an epilogue text. It is located after the last boundary. [optional]
Preamble string Gets or sets a preamble text. It is located before the first boundary and generally includes an explanatory note to non-MIME conformant readers. [optional]