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Mapi recurrence pattern.


Name Type Description Notes
CalendarType string Enumerated the calendar type of the mapi recurrence. Enum, available values: Default, CalGregorian, CalGregorianUs, CalJapan, CalTaiwan, CalKorea, CalHijri, CalThai, CalHebrew, CalGregorianMeFrench, CalGregorianArabic, CalGregorianXLitEnglish, CalGregorianXLitFrench, CalLunarJapanese, CalChineseLunar, CalSaka, CalLunarEtoChn, CalLunarEtoKor, CalLunarRokuyou, CalLunarKorean, CalUmAlQura
DeletedInstanceDates List<DateTime?> An array of dates, each of which is the original instance date of either a deleted instance or a modified instance for this recurrence. [optional]
EndDate DateTime? End date of an item recurrence pattern.
EndType string Enumerates the ending type for the recurrence. Enum, available values: None, EndAfterDate, EndAfterNOccurrences, NeverEnd
Exceptions List<MapiCalendarExceptionInfoDto> An exception specifies changes to an instance of a recurring series. [optional]
Frequency string Enumerates mapi calendar recurrence frequency. Enum, available values: None, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly
ModifiedInstanceDates List<DateTime?> An array of dates, each of which is the date of a modified instance. [optional]
OccurrenceCount long? Number of occurrences in a recurrence.
PatternType string Enumerates the mapi calendar recurrence pattern types. Enum, available values: Day, Week, Month, MonthEnd, MonthNth, HjMonth, HjMonthNth, HjMonthEnd
Period long? Interval at which the meeting pattern repeats.
SlidingFlag bool? Defines whether pattern is sliding or not.
StartDate DateTime? Start date of an item recurrence pattern.
WeekStartDay string Day of week. Enum, available values: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Discriminator string