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VCard document representation.


Name Type Description Notes
AssociatedPersons List<AssociatedPerson> Associated persons. [optional]
Attachments List<Attachment> Document attachments. [optional]
CompanyName string Company name. [optional]
ComputerNetworkName string Computer network. [optional]
CustomerId string Customer id. [optional]
DepartmentName string Department name. [optional]
DisplayName string Display name. [optional]
EmailAddresses List<EmailAddress> Person's email addresses. [optional]
Events List<CustomerEvent> Person's events. [optional]
FileAs string A name used for sorting. [optional]
FileAsMapping string Specifies how to generate and recompute the value of the dispidFileAs property when other contact name properties change. Coincides MS-OXPROPS revision 16.2 from 7/31/2014. Enum, available values: Empty, DisplayName, FirstName, LastName, Organization, LastFirstMiddle, OrgLastFirstMiddle, LastFirstMiddleOrg, LastFirstMiddle2, LastFirstMiddle3, OrgLastFirstMiddle2, OrgLastFirstMiddle3, LastFirstMiddleOrg2, LastFirstMiddleOrg3, LastFirstMiddleGen, FirstMiddleLastGen, LastFirstMiddleGen2, BestMatch, AccordingToLocale, None
FreeBusyLocation string URL path from which a client can retrieve free/busy information for the contact as an iCal file. [optional]
Gender string Enum defines gender of a person. Enum, available values: Unspecified, Female, Male
GivenName string Person's given name. [optional]
GovernmentIdNumber string Government id number. [optional]
Hobbies string Person's hobbies. [optional]
Initials string Person's initials. [optional]
InstantMessengers List<InstantMessengerAddress> Person's instant messenger addresses. [optional]
JobTitle string Person's job title. [optional]
Language string Language. [optional]
Location string Person's location. [optional]
MiddleName string Person's middle name. [optional]
Nickname string Person's nickname. [optional]
Notes string Notes. [optional]
NotesFormat string Defines format of a text. Enum, available values: Text, Html
OfficeLocation string Office location. [optional]
OrganizationalIdNumber string Contains an identifier for the mail user used within the mail user's organization. [optional]
PhoneNumbers List<PhoneNumber> Person's phone numbers. [optional]
Photo ContactPhoto Person's photo. [optional]
PhysicalAddresses List<PostalAddress> Person's physical addresses. [optional]
PreferredTextEncoding string Encoding for all text properties. [optional]
Prefix string A prefix of a full name such like Mr.(mister), Dr.(doctor) and so on. [optional]
Profession string A job position of a person in a company. [optional]
Suffix string A suffix of a full name such like Jr.(junior), Sr.(senior) and so on. [optional]
Surname string Person's surname. [optional]
Urls List<Url> Person's urls. [optional]