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Provides a grouping of component properties that define an alarm.


Name Type Description Notes
Action string Defines the action to be invoked when an alarm is triggered. Enum, available values: Audio, Display, Email, Procedure, None
Attachments List<string> Collection of Reminder Attachments. Could be an absolute URI or Base64 string representation of attachment content [optional]
Attendees List<ReminderAttendee> Contains collection of ReminderAttendee objects. [optional]
Description string Provides a more complete description of the alarm. [optional]
Duration long? Specifies the delay period in ticks, after which the alarm will repeat. [optional]
Repeat int? Defines the number of time the alarm should be repeated, after the initial trigger.
Summary string Defines a short summary or subject for the alarm. [optional]
Trigger ReminderTrigger Specifies when an alarm will trigger. [optional]