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Email account configuration.


Name Type Description Notes
DisplayName string Email account display name [optional]
ProtocolType string Type of connection protocol. Enum, available values: IMAP, POP3, SMTP, EWS, WebDav
Host string Email account host. [optional]
Port int? Port. [optional]
SocketType string Email account security mode. Enum, available values: None, SSLExplicit, SSLImplicit, SSLAuto, Auto
AuthenticationTypes List<string> Supported authentication types. Items: Email account authentication types. Enum, available values: NoAuth, OAuth2, PasswordCleartext, PasswordEncrypted, SmtpAfterPop, ClientIpAddress [optional]
ExtraInfo List<NameValuePair> Extra account information. [optional]
IsValidated bool? Determines that configuration validated. Set to false if validation skipped.