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Request model for EmailCloud.Client.Message.Fetch method.


Name Type Description Notes
messageId string Message identifier
account string Email account
folder string Account folder to fetch from (should be specified for some protocols such as IMAP) [optional]
storage string Storage name where account file located. [optional]
accountStorageFolder string Folder in storage where account file located. [optional]
type string MailMessageBase type. Using this property you can fetch message in different formats (as EmailDto, MapiMessageDto or a file represented as Base64 string). Enum, available values: Dto, Mapi, Base64 [optional] [default to 0]
format string Base64 data format. Used only if type is set to Base64. Enum, available values: Eml, Msg, MsgUnicode, Mhtml, Html, Tnef, Oft [optional] [default to 0]