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Parsed name request model


Name Type Description Notes
CulturalContext AiNameCulturalContext AiName parser cultural context [optional]
Format string Format of the name. Predefined format can be used by ID, or custom format can be specified. Predefined formats: /format/default/ (= '%t%F%m%N%L%p') /format/FN+LN/ (= '%F%L') /format/title+FN+LN/ (= '%t%F%L') /format/FN+MN+LN/ (= '%F%M%N%L') /format/title+FN+MN+LN/ (= '%t%F%M%N%L') /format/FN+MI+LN/ (= '%F%m%N%L') /format/title+FN+MI+LN/ (= '%t%F%m%N%L') /format/LN/ (= '%L') /format/title+LN/ (= '%t%L') /format/LN+FN+MN/ (= '%L,%F%M%N') /format/LN+title+FN+MN/ (= '%L,%t%F%M%N') /format/LN+FN+MI/ (= '%L,%F%m%N') /format/LN+title+FN+MI/ (= '%L,%t%F%m%N') Custom format string - custom combination of characters and the next term placeholders: '%t' - Title (prefix) '%F' - First name '%f' - First initial '%M' - Middle name(s) '%m' - Middle initial(s) '%N' - Nickname '%L' - Last name '%l' - Last initial '%p' - Postfix If no value for format option was provided, its default value is '%t%F%m%N%L%p' [optional]
ParsedName List<AiNameComponent> Parsed name