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Represents outlook contact information.


Name Type Description Notes
ElectronicAddresses MapiContactElectronicAddressPropertySetDto Specify properties for up to three different e-mail addresses and three different fax addresses. [optional]
Events MapiContactEventPropertySetDto Specify events associated with a contact. [optional]
NameInfo MapiContactNamePropertySetDto The properties are used to specify the name of the person represented by the contact. [optional]
OtherFields MapiContactOtherPropertySetDto Specify other fields of contact. [optional]
PersonalInfo MapiContactPersonalInfoPropertySetDto Specify other additional contact information. [optional]
Photo MapiContactPhotoDto Contact photo. [optional]
PhysicalAddresses MapiContactPhysicalAddressPropertySetDto Specify three physical addresses: Home Address, Work Address, and Other Address. One of the addresses can be marked as the Mailing Address. [optional]
ProfessionalInfo MapiContactProfessionalPropertySetDto Properties are used to store professional details for the person represented by the contact. [optional]
Telephones MapiContactTelephonePropertySetDto Specify telephone numbers for the contact. [optional]

Parent class: MapiMessageItemBaseDto