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An exception specifies changes to an instance of a recurring series.


Name Type Description Notes
Attachments List<MapiAttachmentDto> Attachments in the recurrence exception. [optional]
Body string Body. [optional]
BusyStatus string Enumerates the mapi calendar possible busy status. Enum, available values: Free, Tentative, Busy, OutOfOffice
EndDateTime DateTime? End date.
HasAttachment bool? Value of this field specifies whether the Exception Embedded Message object contains attachments.
Location string Location. [optional]
MeetingType string Enumerates the appointment state. Enum, available values: Meeting, Received, Canceled
OriginalStartDate DateTime? Original start date.
OverrideFlags List<string> Override flags. Items: Specifies what data in the MapiCalendarOverride structure has a value different from the recurring series. Enum, available values: Subject, MeetingType, ReminderDelta, Reminder, Location, BusyStatus, Attachment, Subtype, AppointmentColor, ExceptionalBody [optional]
ReminderDelta int? Reminder delta.
ReminderSet bool? Value for the PidLidReminderSet property.
StartDateTime DateTime? Start date.
Subject string Subject. [optional]
SubType int? SubType.