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Auto filter is the quickest way to select only those items from the worksheet that you want to display in a list. The auto filter feature allows users to filter items in a list according to a set criteria. Filter based on text, numbers or dates.

Different types of Filter

Aspose.Cells Cloud provides multiple APIs to apply different type of filters like Color Filter, Date Filter, Number Filter, Text Filter, Blank Filters and None Blank Filters.

  • Fill Color
  • Aspose.Cells Cloud provides the API of add fill color filter to filter data based upon the fill color property of the cells.

  • Date
  • Different types of date filters can be implemented like filtering all the rows having dates in January 2018. the API of add date color filter can implement this functionality.

  • Dynamic Date
  • Sometimes dynamic filters are required based on a date like all the cells having dates in January irrespective of the year. the API of dynamic filter

  • Number
  • The Custom filters API can be applied using Aspose.Cells like selecting cells having number between a given range.

  • Text
  • If a column contains text and cells are to be selected containing particular text, The add filter API can be used.

  • Blanks
  • If a column contains text such that few cells are blank, and filter is required to select those rows only where blank cells are present, The match all blank cells API can be used

  • Non Blanks
  • When cells having any text are to be filtered, The match all blank cells API can be used

  • Custom filter
  • Aspose.Cells Cloud provides custom filters API like filter rows which contain some specific string and filter rows which begins or end with some specific string.

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