Import Double Array into Excel Worksheet

This REST API import double array data into Excel work sheet.

The request is an HTTP request with multipart content (see RFC 2046 or RFC 1341). The first part of the multipart content contains the ImportDoubleArrayOption data and the second contains a data file.



The important parameters are described in the following table:


Parameter Name Type Description
FirstRow int
FirstColumn int
IsVertical string true/false.
Data Double[]
DestinationWorksheet string destination work sheet name.
IsInsert string true/false.
ImportDataType string IntArray/DoubleArray/StringArray/TwoDimensionIntArray/TwoDimensionDoubleArray/TwoDimensionStringArray/BatchData/CSVData.
Source FileSource Indicates data file position when the BatchData parameter is null.



    "Data": [1.99, 1.9, 2.0],
    "DestinationWorksheet": "Sheet1",
    "FirstRow": 0,
    "FirstColumn": 0,
    "IsVertical": false,
    "IsInsert": true,
    "importDataType": "DoubleArray"

Cloud SDK Family

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