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This REST API retrieves a collection Paragraph items from a document.

Usage examples with cURL and Postman




, where:

  • {file-name} is a filename of a document.
  • {sectionIndex} is an index of a section. If this syntax is used, only elements within the specified section are returned.
  • {headerFooterIndex} is an index of a section, that contains headers and footers. If this syntax is used, only elements within specified header/footer are returned.

You can carry out REST API interactions using cURL and Postman. Please read these instructions to receive a personal JWT_TOKEN for authorization.

Aspose.Words Cloud SDK Family

Using SDK is the best way to speed up the development. Please go to the GitHub repository to explore a wide family of our Cloud SDKs. These powerful libraries take care of all low-level programming details and let you focus on your primary tasks.

Usage examples in Python, Java, C#, etc.

The following code samples show how to interact with the REST API using almost any mainstream programming language.

You can find a lot of other examples in Python, Java, C#, JavaScript, PHP, C++, Golang, Ruby, Swift, Dart on GitHub. All codes are thoroughly tested and ready for production use.