Working with `CustomXmlParts`

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CustomXMLParts is a feature that allows users to store and manipulate custom XML data in a Word document. This XML data is stored separately from the main content of the document.

One of the main uses of CustomXMLParts is to store metadata about the document, such as author information, document creation date, and keywords. This metadata can be leveraged to enhance the search and retrieval process for the document and also to offer supplementary information to users about the document’s context and objective.

Another use of CustomXMLParts is to store application-specific data that is not directly visible in the document. For example, an application that generates reports may use CustomXMLParts to store data about the report, such as the data source, query, and calculations used to generate the report. This data can then be used by the application to regenerate the report or to provide additional information to users.

CustomXMLParts are also used in the context of document automation, for example in the workflow of a company, to store data for tracking and approval processes, such as the name of the person who reviewed a document, the date it was reviewed, and their comments.

Aspose.Words REST API allows developers to work with CustomXmlParts and includes several related methods: