Working with Watermarks

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A watermark is a background image or text that appears behind the main content of a Word document. You can use the REST API to perform various operations such as inserting a watermark into a Word document, setting the watermark text and rotation angle, and deleting an existing watermark.

Text watermarks are words or phrases that appear as a faded background image in Word documents. They are commonly used to indicate the status of a document, such as ‘Draft’, ‘Confidential’, or ‘Final’. Text watermarks are often placed diagonally across the page, so they don’t obstruct the main content of the document. This REST API allows you to set the font, color, size, and angle of the text watermark, making it a versatile tool for adding custom status indicators to your Word documents. With the ability to insert text watermarks programmatically, you can automate the process of marking documents with important information or status updates.

Graphic watermarks are images that are used as a background in Word documents. They can be in the form of logos, stamps, or other graphics. Unlike text watermarks, graphic watermarks are typically used to add branding or authenticity to a document. For example, a company logo or a confidential stamp can be used as a graphic watermark to identify the document as official or confidential. Our REST API allows you to set the size, transparency, and position of the graphic watermark, making it an effective tool for adding custom branding to your Word documents.