Working with Fonts

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A font in a Word document is a set of characters and symbols that have a specific design and style, such as the shape and size of the letters and numbers. Fonts are used to change the appearance of text in a document. A font can be changed to a different one for a selected text, for a paragraph, or for the whole document. Word documents support many types of fonts, including Serif, Sans-Serif, Monospace, and Handwriting fonts. Some fonts come pre-installed with Microsoft Word, while others can be downloaded and installed from the internet.

Aspose.Words REST API is a powerful instrument for working with fonts in a Word document through a simple set of RESTful calls. It allows developers to change the formatting of text, including font size, color, style, and other properties. This can be useful for creating a document with a specific layout or for automating the formatting of a large number of documents.