Convert Documents

Document conversion Cloud API lets you convert Word document to another format. The API request contains a document to convert and the response contains the conversion result, or if outPath parameter specified - the API saves the result to the Cloud storage and return OK status code.

You can check the quality of Aspose.Words Cloud conversion and view the results online:

The list of supported formats is provided below:

format Parameter Value Format of the returned Presentation
bmp Bitmap image file
doc Word document
docm Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document
docx Microsoft Word Open XML Document
dot Word Document Template
dotm Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document Template
dotx Word Open XML Document Template
emf Enhanced Windows Metafile
epub Open eBook File
flatopc Flat OPC format
gif Gif Image
html Hypertext Markup Language File
jpeg JPEG Image
mhtml MIME HTML File
odt OpenDocument Text Document
ott OpenDocument Document Template
pcl Printer Command Language File
pdf Portable Document Format File
png Portable Network Graphic
rtf Rich Text Format File
svg Scalable Vector Graphics File
swf Shockwave Flash Movie(removed)
txt Plain Text File
tiff Tagged Image File Format
wml Wireless Markup Language File
xps XML Paper Specification File

The important parameters are described in the following table:

Parameter Name Type Query String Description
format string format=jpeg Return the document in the specified format. Valid values for this parameter are given above.
outPath string outPath=SomeFolder/result.jpeg A path for saving operation results to Cloud storage.

The format can also be specified by the request Accept header.

Usage examples with cURL and Postman

You can carry out REST API interactions using cURL and Postman. Please read these instructions to receive a personal JWT_TOKEN for authorization.

Download sample TableDocument.doc and output TableDocument.pdf files for testing purposes.

Aspose.Words Cloud SDK Family

Using SDK is the best way to speed up the development. Our Cloud SDKs take care of low-level details and let you focus on your primary tasks.

Please check out the GitHub repository for a complete list of Aspose.Words SDKs.

Usage examples in Python, Java, C#, etc.

The following code samples show how to interact with the REST API using almost any mainstream programming language.

You can find a lot of other examples in Python, Java, C#, JavaScript, PHP, C++, Golang, Ruby, Swift, Dart on GitHub. All codes are thoroughly tested and ready for production use.

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