Render Complex Parts of a Word Document Into the Image

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This REST API renders complex parts of a document to a specified image format.

The following elements can be rendered:

  • page
  • paragraph
  • table
  • drawingObject
  • officeMathObject

The request parameters are the following:

Parameter Name Type Query String/HTTPBody Description
format string Query String: format=jpeg Return the document in the specified format. Valid values for this parameter are given below.

The following formats are supported:

format parameter value Format of the returned Presentation
bmp Bitmap image file
gif Gif Image
jpeg JPEG Image
png Portable Network Graphic
svg Scalable Vector Graphics File
tiff Tagged Image File Format


The OpenAPI Specification lets you call the following REST APIs directly from a browser:

You can use cURL command-line tool to access Aspose.Words web services easily. The following example shows how to make calls to Cloud API with cURL.

Case 1: Render a page of the document in BMP format:

Case 2: Render a paragraph in PNG format:

Case 3: Render a table in PNG format:

Case 4: Render a drawingObject in PDF format:

Case 5: Render an OfficeMathObject in PNG format:

The following code examples demonstrate how to make calls to Aspose.Words web services using various SDKs:

Case 1: Renders Page to Specified Format

Case 2: Renders Paragraph to Specified Format

Case 3: Renders Table to Specified Format

Case 4: Renders Drawing Object to Specified Format

Case 5: Renders Math Object to Specified Format