Render Complex Parts of a Word Document Into the Image

This REST API renders complex parts of a document to a specified image format.

The following elements can be rendered:

  • page
  • paragraph
  • table
  • drawingObject
  • officeMathObject

Request parameters are the following:

Parameter Name Type Query String/HTTPBody Description
format string Query String: format=jpeg Return the document in the specified format. Valid values for this parameter are given below.

The following formats are supported:

format parameter value Format of the returned Presentation
bmp Bitmap image file
gif Gif Image
jpeg JPEG Image
png Portable Network Graphic
svg Scalable Vector Graphics File
tiff Tagged Image File Format

Usage examples with cURL and Postman

You can carry out REST API interactions using cURL and Postman. Please read these instructions to receive a personal JWT_TOKEN for authorization.

Case 1: Render a page of the document in BMP format:

Case 2: Render a paragraph in PNG format:

Case 3: Render a table in PNG format:

Case 4: Render a drawingObject in PDF format:

Case 5: Render an OfficeMathObject in PNG format:

Usage examples in Python, Java, C#, etc.

The following code samples show how to interact with the REST API using almost any mainstream programming language.

You can find a lot of other examples in Python, Java, C#, JavaScript, PHP, C++, Golang, Ruby, Swift, Dart on GitHub. All codes are thoroughly tested and ready for production use.

Case 1: Renders Page to Specified Format

Case 2: Renders Paragraph to Specified Format

Case 3: Renders Table to Specified Format

Case 4: Renders Drawing Object to Specified Format

Case 5: Renders Math Object to Specified Format