Document taxonomy refers to the process of classifying and organizing documents according to their content. It is a way of automatically grouping documents into categories and subcategories based on the topics or subjects they cover. Document taxonomies can be used to classify a wide variety of content, such as email attachments, news articles, research papers, company reports, and so on.

The main goal of document taxonomy is to make it easier to find and retrieve relevant documents. By organizing documents into groups, it becomes easier to navigate through large collections of files and find the required information. This can improve efficiency and productivity, particularly in organizations that rely heavily on document management.

Aspose.Words REST API includes a ClassifyDocumentOnline method that allows developers to automatically classify documents according to their content. The currently supported taxonomies are:

  • IAB-2 Taxonomy

  • Documents Taxonomy

  • 2-Class Sentiment Taxonomy: negative/positive

  • 3-Class Setiment taxonomy: negative/neutral,positive

Classify a Word document REST API

Server Method Endpoint PUT /words/online/get/classify

You can use the following parameters in a REST request:

Parameter Name Data Type Required/Optional Description
loadEncoding string Optional Encoding that will be used to load an HTML (or TXT) document if the encoding is not specified in HTML.
password string Optional Password of protected Word document. Use the parameter to pass a password via SDK. SDK encrypts it automatically. We don’t recommend to use the parameter to pass a plain password for direct call of API.
encryptedPassword string Optional Password of protected Word document. Use the parameter to pass an encrypted password for direct calls of API. See SDK code for encyption details.
bestClassesCount string Optional The number of the best classes to return.
taxonomy string Optional The taxonomy to use.

Use $multipart/form-data request to combine one or more properties into a single body:

Property Name Data Type Required/Optional Description
document string(binary) Required The document.

Classify a Word document usage examples

Let’s look at practical examples of using the web service. You can do this both with cURL and Postman utilities, and from your code in various programming languages: Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, PHP, C++, Go, Ruby, Swift, Dart.

How to classify a Word document with cURL or Postman

One of the easiest and fastest ways to call a REST API is to use cURL or Postman:

How to classify a Word document in Python, Java, C#, C++, JavaScript and other programming languages

Using SDK is the quickest way to speed up the development. Please take a look at the provided code examples to quickly call this web service from your favourite programming language:

See Also

  • GitHub repository — explore Aspose.Words Cloud SDK Family. These software libraries take care of all low-level document-processing details.