Configure Amazon S3 Storage

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To use Amazon S3 storage, you have to create your own account and create a new bucket at Please follow Sign Up for Amazon S3 for more details.

You also have to configure Amazon S3 Storage using your Aspose account at Please follow these steps:

  • Log in to
  • Access the Storages Page.
  • Select Amazon S3 Storage from the ‘Create New Storage’ menu.
  • Enter ‘Storage Name’
  • Enter ‘Bucket’ Name
  • Enter ‘AWS Access Key’
  • Enter ‘AWS Secret Key’
  • Press ‘Save’ button to configure new storage

The new storage would appear under Storages view. Now you can use this storage with Aspose REST APIs. For instance:

Please note when you configure external Amazon S3 storage, The Aspose Cloud APIs need the following APIs access on the bucket:

Required APIs access: 

  • GetObjectMetadada API
  • ListObjects API 

Optional APIs:

  • CopyObject API
  • PutObject API
  • GetPreSignedURL API
  • PutBucket API
  • PutBucketVersioning API
  • DeleteObject API
  • ListVersions API
  • GetObject API
  • DeleteBucket API