Getting Started

Development Quickstart

Before you call any Aspose REST API, you need to create Aspose Cloud account and obtain App Key and App SID. Instructions to perform these steps are given below:

Step 1: Create Aspose Cloud account

Congratulations! your account has been successfully created and you can access Aspose Cloud Dashboard.

Step 2: Obtain App Key and App SID

  • Once Logged In, go to My Apps tab. A Default App has already been created for you, you can simply grab your App Key and App SID
  • You may need to click on the Lock icon to unhide your App Key

Finally, you are ready to call Aspose REST APIs.

Aspose Cloud SDKs

It is recommended that you use Aspose Cloud SDKs to call Aspose REST APIs as SDKs take care of low-level details of making requests and handling responses and let you focus on writing code specific to your project. SDKs are provided for different programming languages and mobile platforms. Moreover, the SDKs are free and open source.

API Reference contains API Reference of all Aspose Cloud products. In addition, the Swagger UI lets you call these APIs directly from the browser.

Make an API request

As an example, let’s call Aspose.Words REST API to convert a PDF document to Word. First, download Cloud SDK of your required platform as explained below: