Delete a Chart Data Point


In PowerPoint presentations, data points are the individual values or pieces of data represented on a chart. They visually depict specific information such as numerical values, percentages, or other quantitative data. Use the following method to delete data points from a chart in a presentation.


API Information

API Type Description Resource
/slides/{name}/slides/{slideIndex}/shapes/{shapeIndex}/series/{seriesIndex}/dataPoints/{pointIndex} DELETE Deletes a data point from a chart in a presentation saved in a storage. DeleteChartDataPoint

Request Parameters

Name Type Location Required Description
name string path true The name of a presentation file.
slideIndex integer path true The 1-based index of a presentation slide.
shapeIndex integer path true The 1-based index of a shape (must be a chart).
seriesIndex integer path true The 1-based index of a data series.
pointIndex integer path true The 1-based index of a data point.
password string header false The password to open the presentation.
folder string query false The path to the folder containing the presentation file.
storage string query false The name of the storage contaning the folder.


In the default storage, the document MyPresentation.pptx contains a scatter chart (the second shape) that displays the number of items sold for quarters 1 through 4 (one data series). Delete data for the 4th quarter.

Sales chart

cURL Solution

SDK Solutions

The result:

Sales chart


Check Available SDKs to learn how to add an SDK to your project.