Convert Email, Calendar and Contact Files

Convert Calendar (iCalendar) Files

iCalendar file can be reproduced as a CalendarDto object. This object can be converted to iCalendar or Microsoft Outlook MSG file.

Create CalendarDto Object

Let’s create a CalendarDto object:

Convert CalendarDto to MAPI

We can convert created CalendarDto to MAPI or ICS file:

Convert CalendarDto to MAPI File

Convert CalendarDto to ICS

That’s it, you can open a file created in the Microsoft Outlook or any other application with MSG files support by Aspose.Email Cloud SDK. You can also convert MSG file to an iCalendar file:

Convert Calendar File to ICS

Convert iCalendar File to CalendarDto

All iCalendar files can be converted back to CalendarDto objects:

Convert iCalenadr File to CalendaDto

Convert Contact Card (VCard) Files

VCard files conversion API looks the same as iCalendar API. VCard file can be represented using a ContactDto object. This object can be converted to a VCard or MAPI contact file. Both contact formats can be converted to each other and back to the ContactDto object. You can see all the available methods in the examples below:

Convert VCard Files

Convert Email Messages

The email message can be represented as an EmailDto object. This object can be converted into an EML, MSG, MHTM, HTML file. Files can be converted to each other and back to the EmailDto object. The code below demonstrates all email message conversion methods:

Convert Email Messages

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