Quick Start With VCard API


Aspose.Email Cloud API supports working with VCard files. You can use our API to read, edit and save VCard files. Also, you can use our Business card recognition API to parse VCard file from image.

The SDKs support two different ways of operating with VCard files using MapiContactDto and ContactDto. This tutorial shows how to use ContactDto.

How to Create Contact File Object and Save It to Storage

ContactDto object contains all contact’s information such as gender, surname, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Let’s create a ContactDto object and save it to the Storage as .vcf file.

To save ContactDto use SaveAsync from ContactApi. This method requires 1 parameter — ContactSaveRequest, which is a request for this operation.

ContactSaveRequest has 3 parameters:

  • Format — Contact document format. Enum, available values: VCard, WebDav, Msg.
  • StorageFile — Contact document location on storage. This parameter accepts StorageFileLocation object.
  • Value — ContactDto object.

How to create ContactDto object and save it to the Storage?