Quick Start With iCalendar API

iCalendar API

Aspose.Email Cloud API supports working with iCalendar files. You can use our API to read, edit and save iCalendar (.ics) files. Also, you can convert them to AlternateView and add them to email messages.

Our SDKs support two different ways of operating with iCalendar files using MapiCalendarDto and CalendarDto. This tutorial shows how to use CalendarDto.

Create Calendar File Object and Save It to Storage

CalendarDto object contains all information about an appointment including attendees, start date, end date, description and etc.

First, let’s create a CalendarDto object and save it to Storage.

To save a CalendarDto to Storage use SaveAsync from CalendarApi. This method requires 1 parameter —  CalendarSaveRequest, which is a request model for this operation. 

CalendarSaveRequest requires 3 parameters:

  • Format — Calendar file format (Ics or Msg).
  • StorageFileStorageFileLocation object that determines iCalendar file location on storage.
  • ValueCalendarDto object to save.

How to create a CalendarDto object and save it to the Storage?