AI Powered Name API


Name API is an AI feature developed by Aspose. This is a modern approach, which provides you with numerous useful functions to process names.

Aspose.Email Cloud now supports Artificial Intelligence functionalities and below we are going to emphasize Name API features.

Name API supports:

How To Detect a Person’s Gender By Name

You can parse the name of a person and try determining the gender. The API result contains a list of hypotheses about a person’s gender. All hypotheses include score, so you can use the most scored version, which will be the first in a list.

How To Compare Names To Determine The Similarity

The AI feature of Aspose.Email Cloud API enables you to compare the names to find out if they belong to the same person or not. As a result of the comparison, the answer is the similarity score and the list of mismatches.

How To Format a Person’s Name Using a Defined Format

Aspose.Email Cloud is also capable of formatting a person’s name in a correct case and name order using options for formatting instructions. So based on the instructions provided, the name sequence and case format are adjusted.

How To Display Possible Alternatives For Name

The AI feature of API provides a unique feature to display the person’s name into a list of possible alternatives.

How To Guess Name Based On Initials

Get the most probable names for given starting characters. The feature is similar to the recipient field in email client software. You start typing the name and based on initials provided, the possible names are listed. Please take a look over the following example where possible names starting with “Dav”.

How To Parse Name From Email Address

The API enables you to determine the name of the person through an email address. It tries to identify the Firstname and Lastname while parsing the given email address.

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