Update Comments

This REST API updates a Comment.

Important properties are the following:

Property Name Type Description
RangeStart link Link to comment range start.
RangeEnd link Link to comment range end.
Author string Specifies the author’s name for comment. It cannot be null.
Initial string Specifies the initials of the user associated with a specific comment. It cannot be null.
DateTime DateTime Gets the date and time that the comment was made.
Text string This is a convenience property that allows you to easily get or set the text of the comment.
Content list of child nodes List of child nodes.

Usage examples with cURL and Postman

You can carry out REST API interactions using cURL and Postman. Please read these instructions to receive a personal JWT_TOKEN for authorization.

Aspose.Words Cloud SDK Family

Using SDK is the quickest way to speed up the development. Please go to the GitHub repository to explore a wide family of our Cloud SDKs. These powerful libraries take care of all low-level programming details and let you focus on your primary tasks.

Usage examples in Python, Java, C#, etc.

The following code samples show how to interact with the REST API using almost any mainstream programming language.

You can find a lot of other examples in Python, Java, C#, JavaScript, PHP, C++, Golang, Ruby, Swift, Dart on GitHub. All codes are thoroughly tested and ready for production use.