Detecting image regions

To detect regions on an image, send a POST request to the Aspose.OCR Cloud REST API endpoint. To authorize the request, pass the access token in Authorization header (Bearer authentication).

The image and detection parameters are provided in JSON format in the request body.

  "image": "Base64 string",
  "settings": {
    "language": "English",
    "makeSkewCorrect": true,
    "rotate": 0,
    "makeBinarization": false,
    "makeContrastCorrection": true,
    "makeUpsampling": false,
    "dsrMode": "Regions",
    "dsrConfidence": "Default"

Providing an image

The image is provided in a value of image property as a Base64 encoded string.

Region detection settings

Property Type Default value Description
language string English Specify a language for image text.
makeSkewCorrect boolean true Automatically correct image tilt (deskew) before proceeding to region detection.
Automatic deskew works for images rotated 15 degrees or less. If the image is rotated by a larger degree or upside down, you must manually specify the rotation angle.
rotate integer 0 Rotate an image by the specified degree.
Should be used when the image is rotated by a significant angle or turned upside down.
makeBinarization boolean false Automatically convert an image to black and white before proceeding to region detection.
makeContrastCorrection boolean true Automatically increase the contrast of an image before proceeding to region detection.
makeUpsampling boolean false Intellectually upscale image to improve detection of dense lines.
dsrMode string Regions Document structure analysis algorithm.
dsrConfidence string Default Threshold for filtering content blocks detected by the selected structure analysis algorithm.

Return value

If successful, this method returns a string with a unique identifier (GUID) of the region detection request in the queue.

Otherwise, it returns a HTTP status code corresponding to the error.

What’s next

Region detection will take a few seconds, depending on the size of the image and the current Aspose.Cloud load. See the article Fetching image regions for information on how to get regions from the server.

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