Skew correction

When a page is fed to a flatbed scanner (mechanically or manually) or photographed with a smartphone, it is nearly impossible to achieve perfect alignment. As a result, a slight skew (tilt) inevitably occurs in scanned images or photographs.

Skew angle detection and image straightening is critical to the OCR process as it directly affects the reliability and efficiency of segmentation and text extraction. Aspose.OCR Cloud offers automated processing algorithms to correct image tilt (deskew).

Skewed image Deskewed image

Manual skew correction

When the image is rotated by a significant angle or upside down, automatic skew correction may fail to detect the correct angle.

To deal with such situations, you can manually specify the image rotation angle using the rotate recognition setting, which is available for all image recognition methods.

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Usage scenarios

  • Straightening skewed images.
  • Turning flipped images.