PDF recognition

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PDF is a popular format for scanned documents and is often the default in scanners and copiers. However, the size of a scanned PDF file is significant and its content cannot be searched, indexed, edited, or imported into databases.

Aspose.OCR Cloud can extract text from PDF files or convert them into searchable documents, text from which can be selected and copied, using 3 API calls:

  1. Get access token
  2. Send PDF file for recognition
  3. Fetch PDF recognition results

Because Aspose.OCR Cloud is provided as a REST API, PDF recognition can be performed from any platform with Internet access.

Aspose also provides open-source SDKs for all popular programming languages, that wrap all routine PDF recognition operations into a few native methods. It makes interaction with Aspose.OCR Cloud services much easier, allowing you to focus on the task at hand rather than technical details.