Image processing

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The accuracy and reliability of text recognition is highly dependent on the quality of the original image. Aspose.OCR Cloud offers a large number of fully automated and manual image processing filters that improve the image and adjust it for OCR.

Filter Action Usage scenarios
Skew correction Automatically straighten images aligned at a slight angle (up to 15 degrees) to the horizontal. Skewed images
Rotation Manually rotate severely skewed or inverted images. Images rotated by more than 15 degrees.
Dewarping Straighten page curvature and fix camera lens distortion. Photos of curved pages
Ultra wide-angle and fisheye photos
Upsampling Intellectually increase the image resolution to improve small font recognition and detection of dense lines. Medication guides
Food labels
Small images from the internet
Binarization Convert images to black and white automatically or manually adjust the criteria that determines whether a pixel is considered black or white. Full color low contrast images
Contrast correction Automatically adjust the image contrast to emphasize small details. Photos, old papers, text on a background