DjVu to PDF conversion

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The DjVu format is specifically designed for storing scanned documents containing a combination of text and images. Originally developed as a competitor to PDF, it was widely used for digitizing paper documents and books in the early 2000s thanks to its high compression ratio and good visual quality. PDF is currently taking the leader role in this area, becoming the industry standard for storing and sharing documents, while DjVu is declining into the background. As a result, converting DjVu to PDF becomes a top priority.

Aspose.OCR Cloud converts DjVu files into PDF documents in 3 API calls:

  1. Get access token
  2. Send DjVu file for conversion
  3. Fetch the PDF document

Because Aspose.OCR Cloud is provided as a REST API, DjVu conversion can be performed from any platform with Internet access.

Aspose also provides open-source SDKs for all popular programming languages, that wrap all routine DjVu conversion operations into a few native methods. It makes interaction with Aspose.OCR Cloud services much easier, allowing you to focus on the task at hand rather than technical details.