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This REST API allows you to update properties of a form field, returns updated form field data in XML/JSON format. The resource properties are:

Property NameTypeDescription
NamestringSpecifies the form field name.
EnabledboolTrue if a form field is enabled.
StatusTextstringSpecifies the text that is displayed in the status bar when a form field has the focus.
OwnStatusboolSpecifies the source of the text that is displayed in the status bar when a form field has the focus.
HelpTextstringSpecifies the text that is displayed in a message box when the form field has the focus and the user presses F1.
OwnHelpboolSpecifies the source of the text that is displayed in a message box when a form field has the focus and the user presses F1.
CalculateOnExitboolTrue if references to the specified form field are automatically updated whenever the field is exited.
EntryMacrostringSpecifies an entry macro name for the form field.
ExitMacrostringSpecifies an exit macro name for the form field.

Text input properties

Property NameTypeDescription
TextInputFormatstringSpecifies the text formatting for a text form field.
TextInputTypeTextFormFieldTypeSpecifies the type of a text form field.
TextInputDefaultstringSpecifies the default string or a calculation expression of a text form field.
MaxLengthintThe maximum length for the text field. Zero when the length is not limited.

Checkbox properties

Property NameTypeDescription
IsCheckBoxExactSizeboolSpecifies the boolean value that indicates whether the size of the textbox is automatic or specified explicitly.
CheckBoxSizedoubleSpecifies the size of the checkbox in points. Has effect only when "IsCheckBoxExactSize" is true.
CheckedboolSpecifies the checked status of the checkbox form field.

DropDown properties

Property NameTypeDescription
DropDownSelectedIndexintSpecifies the index specifying the currently selected item in a dropdown form field.
DropDownItemsstring[]Provides access to the items of a dropdown form field.

The Request Parameters are:

Parameter NameTypeQuery String/HTTPBodyDescription
insertBeforeNodestringQuery String: insertBeforeNode="nodeId"Form field will be inserted before node with id="nodeId".

Resource URI

{file-name} is the name of the Word document containing elements.
{nodePath} is the path to a specific node in the document. If this URI is used, only elements contained within a specific node will be returned. Supported syntax:

  • sections/{sectionIndex} - references specific section.
  • paragraphs/{paragraphIndex} - references specific paragraph.
  • sections/{sectionIndex}/paragraphs/{paragraphIndex} - references specific paragraph within section.

Swagger UI lets you call this REST API directly from the browser.  

cURL Example

Input Document: FormFilled.docx



Using an SDK (API client) is the quickest way for a developer to speed up the development. An SDK takes care of a lot of low-level details of making requests and handling responses and lets you focus on writing code specific to your particular project. Check out our GitHub repository for a complete list of Aspose.Words Cloud SDKs along with working examples, to get you started in no time. Please check Available SDKs article to learn how to add an SDK to your project.

SDK Examples

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