Encrypting PDF Documents


Aspose.PDF Cloud allows you to Encrypt PDF Documents. Aspose.PDF Cloud provide the following API to achieve this

API Information

API Type Description Swagger Link
/pdf/encrypt PUT Encrypt a PDF Document PutEncryptDocument
/pdf/{name}/encrypt POST Encrypt a PDF Document PostEncryptDocumentInStorage

API Parameters

Parameter Values
userPassword Base 64 Encoded String Value
ownerPassword Base 64 Encoded String Value
cryptoAlgorithm Please see below
The cryptoAlgorithm takes the follwing possible values
Name Description
RC4x40 RC4 with key length 40.
RC4x128 RC4 with key length 128.
AESx128 AES with key length 128.
AESx256 AES with key length 256.

cURL Example

SDK Source

The Aspose.PDF Cloud SDKs can be downloaded from the following page: Available SDKs