Certify a PDF Document


Aspose.PDF Cloud allows you to Certify a PDF Document. Certification allows a end user to validate that the PDF Document has not changed since it was published. Aspose.PDF Cloud provide the following API to achieve this

API Information

API Type Description Swagger Link
/pdf/{name}/pages/{pageNumber}/certify POST Place a signed certification badge on a PDF Document PostPageCertify

API Parameters

Parameter Values
sign {
"SignaturePath”: “33226.p12”,
"SignatureType”: “PKCS7”,
"Password”: “sIikZSmz”,
"Contact”: “test@mail.ru”,
"Location”: “Ukraine”,
"Visible”: true,
"Rectangle”: {
"LLX”: 100,
"LLY”: 100,
"URX”: 500,
"URY”: 200
"FormFieldName”: “Signature1”,
"Authority”: “Sergey Smal”,
"Date”: “08/01/2012 12:15:00.000 PM”,
"ShowProperties”: false

cURL Example

SDK Source

The Aspose.PDF Cloud SDKs can be downloaded from the following page: Available SDKs

SDK Examples