Working with Stamps


Using Aspose.PDF Cloud allows you to add Stamp Information to a PDF Document. 

Stamp Types

API Information

The Aspose.PDF Cloud API uses the following API Resource Properties for adding stamps to a PDF Document

Property Name Type Description RO/RW 
Background bool Indicates that the content is stamped as background. RW 
Type string The stamp type, available valuse are: Text, Image, Page, PageNumber RW 
FileName string Image or stamp document path. Used for Image and Page stamps only. RW 
Value string Stamp value, used for Text and PageNumber stamps. RW 
XIndent double Horizontal stamp coordinate, starting from the left. RW 
YIndent double Vertical stamp coordinate, starting from the bottom. RW 
PageIndex int Stamp document page number, used for Page stamps only. RW 
Height double Image height, used for Image stamp. RW 
Width double Image width, used for Image stamp. RW 
Zoom double Zooming factor of the stamp. Allows to scale stamp. RW 
LeftMargin double Left margin of the stamp. RW 
RightMargin double Right margin of the stamp. RW 
TopMargin double Top margin of the stamp. RW 
BottomMargin double Bottom margin of the stamp. RW 
Opacity double A value to indicate the stamp opacity. The value is from 0.0 to 1.0. By default the value is 1.0. RW 
Rotate string This property is for set angles which are multiples of 90degrees (0, 90, 180, 270 degrees). To set arbitrary angle use RotateAngleproperty. Supported values are:None,on90,on180,on270. RW 
RotateAngle double Rotate angle of the stamp in degrees. This property allows to set arbitrary rotate angle. RW 
TextAlignment string Alignment of the text inside the stamp. Possible values are: None, Left, Center, Right. RW 
VerticalAlignment string Vertical alignment of stamp on page. The value is from the set: None, Top, Center, Bottom. RW 
StartingNumber int The number of starting page. Other pages will be numbered starting from this value. Used for?PageNumber stamps only. RW 
TextState complex:TextState The stamp text state, used for Text and PageNumber stamps only. See detailed data below. RW
TextState properties
Property Name Type Description RO/RW 
BackgroundColor complex:Color Background text color. RW 
Font string Font name. RW 
FontSize float Font size. RW 
FontStyle string Font style, supported values are: Bold, Italic. Normal style is used by default. RW 
ForegroundColor comlex:Color Foreground text color. RW 
Color properties
Property Name Type Description RO/RW 
byte Alpha. RW 
byte Red. RW 
byte Green. RW 
byte Blue. RW