Aspose.Email Cloud

Aspose.Email Cloud is a REST API which allows creating email applications that work with common email file formats in the cloud. This approach can save your resources by sending your data to the cloud. With Aspose.Email Cloud all data transfer is secure, you can process Outlook emails in your applications. Aspose.Email Cloud has artificial intelligence functions: Name API and Business Card Recognition API which allows to apply a modern approach of data recognition in your products. Using these AI functions you do not need to spend your time on developing them by yourself, instead of this, you can use our ready and accurate solutions. 

Aspose.Email Cloud is a REST API for creating email applications that work with standard email file formats. Aspose.Email Cloud SDK provides the following opportunities:

  • Let developers manipulate different emails’ formats such as Outlook EMLMSGiCalendar files and VCard.
  • Has a built-in email client.
  • Supports AI functionality:
    • Name API - This is a modern approach, which provides you with numerous functions to process names.
    • Business Card Recognition - This is a business card scanner, which allows you to convert captured business card and name card images into a vCard format to store contacts.

Main Features


Aspose.Email Cloud has the following SDKs:

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