MAPI Support

About MAPI

Aspose.Email Cloud allows to create your programs with MAPI. It has a simple and easy-to-understand interface, so you can speed up developing all your ideas and using the cloud increases the speed of all your calculations.

MAPI allows working with various electronic messaging systems. Aspose.Email Cloud API allows you to use MAPI to create documents, get or update document properties, add & delete attachments from the document. 

You can process files via MAPI with the following formats:

Benefits of Using Mapi With Aspose.Email Cloud API

MAPI provides a universal way to work with different files such as:

  • Email message files (MSG). Create, update, add/edit attachments and download email message files from the Storage via MAPI.
  • Contact cards, VCard (VCF) files. Edit contact files and instantly save it back to the Storage as a MAPI file or as a VCard.
  • Calendar, iCalendar (ICS) files. Create, save and edit iCalendar files on the Storage

Work with MAPI in Aspose.Email Cloud

Aspose.Email Cloud API allows working with MAPI in your applications. 

With Aspose.Email Cloud API you can:

You can also use all of the methods above asynchronous.