iCalendar Support

About iCalendar

iCalendar allows users to exchange & store scheduling information or journal entries, events, to-dos, etc.

iCalendar files are stored as ICS file on the Storage. With Aspose.Email Cloud API you are able to create the software with the cloud approach that helps to process all your data on the cloud immediately. Using our API you can speed up the work of your applications. Add iCalendar support to your applications or create software, such as multi-purpose email readers or applications to work with calendars. Make it easier for recipients of calendar data files to work with them.

iCalendar is a file format which is using all around the world. Many popular products support it, including Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar, IBM Notes or Lotus Notes, Google Calendar and many more. Integrate with these applications using Aspose.Email Cloud.

Work With iCalendar in Aspose.Email Cloud

With Aspose.Email Cloud you can:

  1. Work with your files on Storage: create, edit ICS files, work with appointments, download & upload iCalendar files, update and remove calendar file’s properties.
  2. Convert calendar files to AlternateView. AlternateView allows appending iCalendar to an email for further sending.
  3. Work with calendar files’ attachments: edit them, search through them and more.
  4. Attach a calendar file (ICS) to an email and send it using our build-in Email Client.

Below we will talk about how to work with calendar files, which are also called like iCalendar or ICS.

Aspose.Email Cloud allows to operate with iCalendar files in 2 ways:

Work With iCalendar File as Model API

Model API provides you with a better way to work with calendars, contact cards and emails.

In Model API calendar files are represented using models.

iCalendar Model API supports to:

  • Get a calendar file from Storage.
  • Save a calendar file on Storage.
  • Get a list of calendar files from Storage folder.
  • Get a calendar file from Storage as AlternateView type
  • Convert a calendar file to AlternateView. A calendar file which is converted to AlternateView can be appended to the email.

Work With iCalendar File as Property Set

The second way is to operate a calendar file as a property set. For example, to create a calendar file using the property set: Create iCalendar file using the property set.

Note: Using Model API is a more convenient and productive approach.