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This REST API allows you to update table properties and returns updated data in XML/JSON format. The description of the important table properties is given below:

Property NameTypeDescription
AlignmentTableAlignmentSpecifies how an inline table is aligned in the document.
AllowAutoFitboolAllows Microsoft Word and Aspose.Words to automatically resize cells in a table to fit their contents.
BidiboolSpecifies whether this is a right-to-left table.
BottomPaddingdoubleSpecifies the amount of space (in points) to add below the contents of cells.
CellSpacingdoubleSpecifies the amount of space (in points) between the cells.
LeftIndentdoubleSpecifies the value that represents the left indent of the table.
LeftPaddingdoubleSpecifies the amount of space (in points) to add to the left of the contents of cells.
PreferredWidthPreferredWidthSpecifies the table preferred width as a percentage, a number of points or a special "auto" value.
RightPaddingdoubleSpecifies the amount of space (in points) to add to the right of the contents of cells.
StyleIdentifierStyleIdentifierSpecifies the local independent style identifier of the table style applied to this table.
StyleNamestringSpecifies the name of the table style applied to this table.
StyleOptionsTableStyleOptionsSpecifies bit flags that specify how a table style is applied to this table.
TextWrappingTextWrappingSpecifies TextWrapping for a table.
TopPaddingdoubleSpecifies the amount of space (in points) to add above the contents of cells.

Resource URI

Swagger UI lets you call this REST API directly from the browser. The description of the API and its parameters are also given there.

cURL Example

Input Document: TablesGet.docx


SDK Source

Using an SDK (API client) is the quickest way for a developer to speed up the development. An SDK takes care of a lot of low-level details of making requests and handling responses and lets you focus on writing code specific to your particular project. Check out our GitHub repository for a complete list of Aspose.Words Cloud SDKs along with working examples, to get you started in no time. Please check Available SDKs article to learn how to add an SDK to your project.

SDK Examples

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