Convert Project Document to the other Format with the specified Save Options


This example allows you to convert Project document to the other format with the specified Save Options. SaveOptions parameter of POST format endpoint for ‘pdf’, ‘html’ and image formats supports “ReduceFooterGap” field. The API returns stream response with project file in the specified format. The ‘format’ parameter can have the following possible values:

  • mpp
  • xml
  • html
  • bmp
  • png
  • jpeg
  • pdf
  • tiff
  • xps
  • svg
  • csv
  • txt
  • spreadsheetML
  • xlsx
  • p6xml
  • xer
  • mpx
  • Gdhtml

API Information

API Type Description Resource Link
/tasks/{name}/format POST Get a project document in the specified format and with the specified save options PostTaskDocumentWithFormat

cURL Example