Get Portion Effective Values


Effective values are format values that are actually applied to the portion. They are either explicitly set in the portion, or implicitly returned as a result of inheritance. They represent the final result of formatting that might be seen in the PowerPoint or in an exported document. For example, if the font height value is not defined for the specific portion of text, the value from the default portion format of the parent paragraph will be taken, if availiable. If not, the value is taken from the presentation theme.

You can also get effective values for Paragraphs.

API Information

API Type Description Resource
/slides/{name}/slides/{slideIndex}/shapes/{shapeIndex}/paragraphs/{paragraphIndex}/portions/{portionIndex}/effective GET Get portion effective GetPortionEffective
/{name}/slides/{slideIndex}/shapes/{path}/{shapeIndex}/paragraphs/{paragraphIndex}/portions/{portionIndex}/effective GET Get sub-shape portion effective GetSubshapePortionEffective

cURL Example

The code example below shows how to obtain “effective formatting values” from a portion.

SDK Source

The Aspose for Cloud SDKs can be downloaded from the following page: Available SDKs

SDK Examples