Extract Document Images to a Particular Format


This example allows you to extract images from a PDF Document in a particular format. All Images are uploaded to a Cloud Storage. Aspose.PDF Cloud allows document images to be extracted in the following images

Extract images as JPEG

API Information

/pdf/{name}/pages/{pageNumber}/images/extract/jpegPUTRead image information from a given page of a PDF Document that is uploaded on StoragePutImagesExtractAsJpeg

API Parameters

ParameterRequiredTypeData TypeDescription
nametruePathStringThe name of the document in storage to read form fields from
pageNumbertruePathIntegerThe page number of the document containing the images
widthfalseQueryIntegerThe width of the extracted image
heightfalseQueryIntegerThe height of the extracted image
storagefalseQueryStringThe storage
folderfalseQueryStringSource folder for PDF File
destFolderfalseQueryStringThe extracted images are placed in this folder

cURL Example