Convert DOC and Doc X to PDF

Convert DOC and Doc X to PDF

Resource Information

Resource URL Type Description Swagger Link
/pdf/create/doc GET Convert DOC file (located on storage) to PDF format and return resulting file in response GetPdfInStorageToDoc

Resource Params

The above API also supports the following request params

Parameter Required Type Data Type Description
name true Query string The name of the document in storage
addReturnToLineEnd false Query boolean Add return to line end.
format false Query string Allows to specify .doc or .docx file format
imageResolutionX false Query integer Image resolution X.
imageResolutionY false Query integer Image resolution Y
maxDistanceBetweenTextLines false Query double Max distance between text lines.
mode false Query complex object Allows controlling how a PDF document is converted into a word processing document.
recognizeBullets false Query boolean Recognize bullets.
relativeHorizontalProximity false Query double Relative horizontal proximity.

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