Add or Replace Square Annotations in a PDF Document


Aspose.PDF Cloud allows you to add or replace Square Annotation information in a PDF Document. Aspose.PDF Cloud provide the following API to achieve this

API Information

API Type Description Swagger Link
/pdf/{name}/pages/{pageNumber}/annotations/square POST Add document page square annotations. PostPageSquareAnnotations
/pdf/{name}/pages/{pageNumber}/annotations/square PUT Replace document square annotation PutSquareAnnotation

cURL Example

Suppose, we have the following Square Annotation information which need to be added in a document page.


    "InteriorColor": {

      "A": 255,

      "R": 220,

      "G": 220,

      "B": 220


    "Frame": null,

    "CreationDate": "02/25/2011 01:11:50.000 PM",

    "Subject": "Rectangle",

    "Title": "Maxim",

    "RichText": "<?xml version=\"1.0\"?><body xmlns=\"\" xmlns:xfa=\"\" xfa:APIVersion=\"Acrobat:7.0.0\" xfa:spec=\"2.0.2\" ><p><span style=\"text-decoration:;font-size:10.0pt\">Contents</span></p></body>",

    "Color": {

      "A": 255,

      "R": 70,

      "G": 162,

      "B": 185


    "Contents": "Contents",

    "Modified": "02/25/2011 01:14:50.000 PM",


    "Flags": [



    "Name": "75131114-55b2-44e8-a28a-476fb5dab933",

    "Rect": {

      "LLX": 155.131,

      "LLY": 608.948,

      "URX": 214.513,

      "URY": 628.461


    "PageIndex": 2,

    "ZIndex": 0,

    "HorizontalAlignment": "Left",

    "VerticalAlignment": "Top",

    "Links": [


        "Href": "/PdfWithAnnotations.pdf/annotations/square/GI5TKOZRGU2SYNRQHAWDEMJVFQ3DEOI",

        "Rel": "self",

        "Type": null,

        "Title": null




SDK Source

The Aspose.PDF Cloud SDKs can be downloaded from the following page: Available SDKs

SDK Examples

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