Convert HTML to XPS - Cloud SDKs


Converting between formats is required for various reasons: to work in a familiar, convenient format or to take advantage of different formats for specific tasks. XPS is a document storage and viewing format developed by Microsoft. An XPS file is a ZIP archive using the Open Packaging Conventions containing the files that make up the document. It has a set of advantages that support security features, such as digital signatures to provide greater document security and more.

This article explains in a set of code examples how to convert HTML to XPS using Aspose.HTML Cloud.

Examples of HTML to XPS Conversion

Aspose.HTML Cloud allows you to fetch an HTML document from a storage location by its name, from a URL or a local file on your drive, convert it to a specified format and save it to the storage or a local drive. The following code examples demonstrate how to convert HTML to XPS for different cases using available SDKs and REST API.

Example 1. Convert a local HTML file to XPS and save the result to local path