Working with Files in Storage - Cloud APIs

Storage Files

Aspose.HTML Cloud allows you to work with storage files - documents saved on the cloud storage and use the storage for various scenarios. The most common use cases are cloud backup, disaster recovery and archiving infrequently accessed data. Having your files into cloud storage will also give you the ability to share them with friends or co-workers.

Storage services enable developers to store data in the cloud, relying on authentication and other access features that control who can get to the data. If you need any information about getting started with Aspose.HTML Cloud, please refer to the Create an Account and Get Credentials article.

Examples of Working with Storage Files

This article provides a description of SDK and REST methods to manipulate files in the cloud storage, i.e. upload, download or delete files.

Example 1: Check if a file exists in the storage

The following example demonstrates how to check if a file exists in the storage.