Aspose.HTML Cloud - Cloud SDKs & REST APIs

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The REST API supports a set of converting between formats. You can take a source document from cloud storage or a local file system. The following conversions are available:

SDK example of HTML to PDF conversion

Convert an HTML document fast and easy with our intuitive API just with a few lines of code. Let’s review the common usage scenario when HTML is stored at a local drive, and you want to convert it to PDF format and save to the storage.

// Initialize SDK API
var api = new HtmlApi("CLIENT_ID", "CLIENT_SECRET").ConvertApi;

// Convert HTML to PDF
var result = await api.ConvertAsync("test.html", "test.pdf");

Also, our REST API provides capabilities to manipulate files that are stored in the cloud storage associated with user applications, such as:

  • Upload and download files to/from the cloud storage.
  • Check if a file or folder exists in the storage.
  • Get a list of folders and files in the specified storage folder.
  • Check if named storage exists and is accessible to the user and get the storage total and used disc space.