Supported File Formats

Supported Load Formats

The following table indicates the file formats that Aspose.Diagram Cloud can load:

VSDXMS Visio Drawing that uses OPC (Open Packaging Conventions)
VDXDrawing or chart created with Microsoft Visio
VSDVisio Drawing (Vector Graphics File Format)
VSXVisio Stencil XML file type
VTXXML for Visio (Template File)
VSSXVSSX file that hasobjectsto be included in technical drawings
VSTXMS Visio Drawing Template
VSDMVisio Macro-Enabled Drawing file type
VSSMStores collection of shapes
VSTMVSTM that contains both Drawing template and macros
VDWVisio Web Drawing File Type
VSSThe Visio Stencil File Type
VSTVST Template File

Supported Save Formats

The following table indicates the file formats in which the document can be saved by using Aspose.Diagram Cloud:

VSDXSaves the drawing in MS Visio Drawing
VDXDrawing or chart created with Microsoft Visio
VSXSaves into Visio Stencil XML file type
VTXSaves the input file into XML for Visio (Template File)
VSSXSaves the input file into VSSX file
VSTXSaves in MS Visio Drawing Template
VSDMSaves the drawing in VSDM
VSSMSaves the drawing in VSSM
VSTMSaves the drawing in VSTM
PDFSaves the drawing in PDF (Portable Document Format)
XPSSaves the drawing in XPS format
XAMLSaves the drawing in XAML format
SWFSaves the drawing in Adobe Flash File
SVGSaves the drawing in Scalable Vector Graphics (An XML-based vector image format)
EMFSaves the drawing in Enhanced MetaFile
JPEGSaves the drawing in JPEG Format
PNGSaves the drawing in PNG Format
BMPSaves the drawing in BMP Format
TIFFSaves the drawing as Single or Multi-Page TIFF Image
HTMLSaves the drawing in HTML Format