Rotate and Flip Existing Image


This article explains how to rotate and flip the existing image. Rotate and Flip method parameter values could be one of the following:

  • Rotate180FlipNone, Rotate180FlipX, Rotate180FlipXY, Rotate180FlipY,
  • Rotate270FlipNone, Rotate270FlipX, Rotate270FlipXY, Rotate270FlipY,
  • Rotate90FlipNone, Rotate90FlipX, Rotate90FlipXY, Rotate90FlipY,
  • RotateNoneFlipNone, RotateNoneFlipX, RotateNoneFlipXY, RotateNoneFlipY

With the following APIs you can rotate and flip existing image:

Resource URI

Swagger UI lets you call Aspose.CAD REST APIs directly from the browser. The description of the APIs and their parameters are also given there.

cURL Example

Option 1: Rotate and flip an existing image